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Key Priorities


Let's build a strong community, together.


As a working mom, I value practical solutions, clear communication, and efficient collaboration.


We deserve government that works.


Once seen as the model for a robust public school system, North Carolina now ranks dead last among all 50 states in school funding effort. Instead of following through on its constitutional promise to provide a sound education to all of North Carolina's children, our state legislature has willfully and systematically defunded and destabilized our public schools.


Strong public schools are the backbone of strong communities: Our kids, our teachers, and our state deserve better. 

Smart Growth

Our community is developing fast. We need developers to help offset their impact on our schools, roads, sidewalks, and public services.


We must develop with an eye toward the future. Our climate is changing so our infrastructure must be resilient in the face of those changes.

Healthy Communities

A healthy community is safe and walkable with access to quality foods, public services, and affordable healthcare.

Some parts of our district enjoy all of these while others do not. It's past time to bring equal access to these basic human rights.

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