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Beth Helfrich for NC House District 98

I'm Beth.

And I'm ready to put my experience, values, and energy to work serving District 98 and its people. 

I'm a third-generation Davidson resident and a proud graduate of North Mecklenburg High School and Davidson College.


I'm a former teacher and school leader, an engaged citizen, and a community champion with a family-owned small business. 


And best of all, I'm the lucky partner to my husband, Tim, and mom to five incredible kids. 

Beth Helfrich for NC House District 98

District 98 is my home.

This community raised me, and I'm so grateful to still be rooted here today.

My small town values are central to who I am and how I operate. In District 98, we all benefit when we show up for each other, care for each other, and recognize that our connectedness is a strength, not a burden. 

Community is at the heart of my family's daily life: We revel in it, invest in it, and are supported by it every single day. 

And whether they're new to town or have been here for generations, the families and small businesses of District 98 deserve equal access to the support, infrastructure, and services they need to thrive. 

This is my place, and you are my people.

Beth Helfrich for NC House District 98
Helfrich family Summit Coffee
Beth Helfrich teacher
Beth Helfrich Main Street Books

I'm a teacher at heart.

I am the daughter of two teachers, and I followed their footsteps into education, working as a teacher and school administrator for nearly two decades.


Intellectual freedom and quality education are sacred rights. Every student deserves the opportunity to flourish at school. Every teacher and staff member deserves the pay and respect that reflects their professionalism and importance.

I left the classroom in 2020 to work at our local bookstore and launch my own writing company. Since then, I've also served our kids' public school as PTO President and am a member of the School Improvement Team. 


Juggling a career and five kids isn't for the faint of heart. You can trust I know how to stir oatmeal with one hand and send an email with another.


And you can also trust that my family knows just how critical quality childcare is.

Beth Helfrich Moms Demand Action

I roll up my sleeves.

I'm not satisfied with the world our children will inherit. Change is possible, but not without action. And I'm not one to sit around.


I have marched, knocked on doors, sat through hearings, called my elected officials, organized fundraisers, served as a poll observer, volunteered for schools and community non-profits, and raised my voice and hand. 

And I've done it alongside so many of you. 

With your support, we can win this critical seat and give the folks of District 98 the representation and the future they deserve.

Because our communities deserve policies that make them stronger, and our people deserve leaders they can trust.

Join our team today.

Beth Helfrich March for Reproductive Rights
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